A love letter to a public transit system I haven’t used in years.

Star St.Germain and Tim Riot have made a really emotional pixel art journey through the city I simultaneously live in but rarely see anymore.

A Short Hike

This game was a surprise delight! If you’re a fan of Animal Crossing or Night in the Woods you will definitely love this game as much as I do. You can reach the ending in around 2 hours, but there’s so much about this delightful game that will keep you coming back, even after you’ve finished the story.

Well it's an essay about Jon

A lot of people talk about 17776 by Jon Bois, but I was initially introduced to his work through this: a non-linear essay about Jon Bois that is probably more than 17776 words long by Colin Spacetwinks.

one night, hot springs

npckc is probably one of my favorite indie game creators. npckc rose to popularity with this game about taking your trans friend to a onsen, and it’s just so good.

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