A love letter to a public transit system I haven’t used in years.

Star St.Germain and Tim Riot have made a really emotional pixel art journey through the city I simultaneously live in but rarely see anymore.

look what you made me do: a lot of people have asked me to make NFT games and I won’t

The amount of talk about the environmentally harmful and the further harming of people who struggle financially is mind blowing but Doc put it in words the crypto-bros will understand. If they ever take their fingers out of their ears and stop shouting “na na na na i cant hear you.”

Webbed - Sbug Games

I never thought a game about spiders would happily capture me in it’s web, but here we are. Highly recommend this game, and it’s a steal for the price.

Improv Dungeon

Time to replace your improv partner! You’ve played AI Dungeon, now play Improv Dungeon. Write out your scenario and the AI will play along!

Gaming's endless struggle with abusive men

With the recent sexual assault allegations of former people’s champ GrandPooBear, I’ve been thinking a lot about his sudden heel turn, and I think this article hits him on the nose with a newspaper.

Is Madeline Canonically Trans?

Watching Maddy find themself has been a joy, and reading about how Celeste developed with them is great.

If Found

A delightful and emotional visual novel. I haven’t finished it yet, but the opening sure was A LOT.

Fall Guys Secrets - A Super Serious Lore Interview

The lore behind Fall Guys is as adorable as the little beans. That said, I can’t wait for those eggs to hatch 👀


I picked this game up in early access a few weeks ago and I’ve put a lot of time in to it. It’s a non-violent Pokémon meets Animal Crossing game with some of my favorite dialog in a game since Night in the Woods. While the game is unfinished and there are a few bugs, it’s still incredibly fun and I can’t wait to see where this game goes.

Video Games Have To Reckon With How They Depict The Police

Don’t trust anyone who wants to depict pigs as anything other than violent and bigoted. Not Spider-man. Not Andy Griffith. No one gets to ignore this.

Looking At Guns In Virtual Reality

I think about this video from Polygon a lot. I can’t say I will be able to do justice the gun epidemic in the United States here. Guns are horrifying. I’ve played in VR. Games with guns and people attacking me in VR make me too uncomfortable to ever want to do again. I remember trying Robo Recall for the first time, and I was panicking. When I was 19 I had a gun shot at my father and I. I am very much against guns of all kind. Even in VR. It’s one of the main reasons I don’t like VR.

~80% of Steam games earn under $5K in first two weeks

It also appears no one makes a living on Steam, a platform built upon a race to the bottom of sales.

Adam Ruins Everything - Why People Think Video Games Are Just for Boys

Adam Conover explains the history on Nintendo’s push to push women out of gaming. This is from the episode Adam Ruins Summer Fun of Adam Ruins Everything.

No girls allowed

Tracey Lien’s 2013 piece for Polygon reminds us that Nintendo invented the myth that games are for boys.

Nintendo explains philosophy behind Animal Crossing’s big changes, such as gender expression and terraforming

Maybe Nintendo is finally growing up? They should fix Zelda and Mario now.

Blizzard's Long History of Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls and Fear of Women

Nico Deyo comes in holding no punches: ‘The inhuman coloration to their skin and general lankiness denotes an otherness, but everything else feels oriented towards sexiness, creating a line of mean, angular villainesses—like fuckable Lamborghinis.’

A Short Hike

This game was a surprise delight! If you’re a fan of Animal Crossing or Night in the Woods you will definitely love this game as much as I do. You can reach the ending in around 2 hours, but there’s so much about this delightful game that will keep you coming back, even after you’ve finished the story.

one night, hot springs

npckc is probably one of my favorite indie game creators. npckc rose to popularity with this game about taking your trans friend to a onsen, and it’s just so good.

The Pious World of Christian Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Art

This was such a fun read from Colin Spacetwinks about how Sonic is cool enough to fit in to any mold you want.

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MEGA39

Hatsune Miku comes to Switch! I’m so excited!!! No word on the western release quite yet except that it comes out this year. I’m importing the collectors edition, of course lol

It Took Nearly 10 Years to Finish ‘Kentucky Route Zero,’ But It’s Done

It’s fascinating to hear from the people behind this game. To me it was always mysterious game from a mysterious source that would mysteriously get new chapters. I never demanded anything from them, but I always enjoyed getting more.

'Kentucky Route Zero' Pays Off on Nine Years of Hope and Doubt

I’ve been loving every bit of Kentucky Route Zero since it came out 7 years ago. I’m so excited to get to play the ending!

Playdate Pop Up - Welcome to 2020

It’s good to see Panic shamed in to doing right by the game pop up after throwing their weight around like nasty bullies. It’s a shame they needed to be shamed at all, they should be better than that.

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