Anthropomorphic fonts.

A Short Hike

This game was a surprise delight! If you’re a fan of Animal Crossing or Night in the Woods you will definitely love this game as much as I do. You can reach the ending in around 2 hours, but there’s so much about this delightful game that will keep you coming back, even after you’ve finished the story.

Well it's an essay about Jon

A lot of people talk about 17776 by Jon Bois, but I was initially introduced to his work through this: a non-linear essay about Jon Bois that is probably more than 17776 words long by Colin Spacetwinks.

one night, hot springs

npckc is probably one of my favorite indie game creators. npckc rose to popularity with this game about taking your trans friend to a onsen, and it’s just so good.

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MEGA39

Hatsune Miku comes to Switch! I’m so excited!!! No word on the western release quite yet except that it comes out this year. I’m importing the collectors edition, of course lol

Website Carbon Calculator

A few days ago I was pondering what the environmental difference in buying an ebook from amazon versus buying a physical book was. A day later I found this tool to determine what the environmental impact for visiting a website is.

MYHOT.PICS - The hottest animated gifs on the internet

Around maybe five years ago I launched a gif management system for myself. I finally rewrote it to be fast and no longer hosted on a computer in my home. Phew!

SIMON WECKERT: Google Maps Hack

This is amazing. Ever wanted to clear out major streets in your city? It just takes 99 phones, and you can safely walk anywhere you want.

Playdate Pop Up - Welcome to 2020

It’s good to see Panic shamed in to doing right by the game pop up after throwing their weight around like nasty bullies. It’s a shame they needed to be shamed at all, they should be better than that.

Rae the Doe

A webcomic about a gay disaster, a punk skunk, and lots and lots of puns. Created by Olive Rae Brinker. Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Melanie Kat

Hi my name is Melanie. This is my webpage with links to a lot of things that I do.

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