I rewrote my blog with Astro

Welcome to the blog that was known as melkat.link.

I had a fun technique for making a blog using a bookmarking service to act as my content management system. I never knew how the bookmarking service felt about how I was using it and it made my blog on external services.

A few months ago I heard about Astro, a new build tool for building websites in JavaScript. I’ve since made a few sites using it and have been pretty impressed. Before I was using Next.js, and I will continue to use it where appropriate.

The biggest change will be that I can no longer simply share a link to post on my blog. I will need to write a brand new Markdown file and deploy it, which brings it’s own set of benefits. For one, I can now write posts like this.

See you soon~

X to Y


Ever think it would be funny to replace a word with another? Sick and tired of a website deadnaming you? You are going to enjoy X to Y! X to Y supports plain text, regex, and urls.

Magnet Links


Tired of seeing “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid.” alerts when you try to open a magnet link? This Safari extension helps by adjusting the links to go through Put.io

Improv Dungeon


Time to replace your improv partner! You’ve played AI Dungeon, now play Improv Dungeon. Write out your scenario and the AI will play along!

This blog is now open source


I have now published publicly for the first time the code that powers this website.

🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ pitch tracker for femme voices


Hey I just wanted to share that I open sourced a weekend experiment I made a few weekends ago to track pitch frequencies. It’s not the best, but I learned so much in building it within a few constraints: using React Hooks and must work on mobile Safari as well as desktop browsers.

MYHOT.PICS - The hottest animated gifs on the internet


Around maybe five years ago I launched a gif management system for myself. I finally rewrote it to be fast and no longer hosted on a computer in my home. Phew!

Melanie Kat


Hi my name is Melanie. This is my webpage with links to a lot of things that I do.

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