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Checking Your SF Jury Summon

Checking Your SF Jury Summon

In San Francisco, when we get summoned for jury duty, we are lucky enough to have a website to check that tells us it will be updated at 4:30 pm on weekdays. It’s a pretty simple website, which makes it perfect for automating this task.

Ask Siri

You can use the on your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You will need to add your group number to the script for this to work.

Get San Francisco Jury Duty Status.shortcut

Home screen widget

There is a great app for iPhone and iPad called Scriptable that lets you write and run JavaScript that can make home screen widgets. You will need to set your group number on line with const GROUP_NUMBER.

Get SF Jury Duty Widget.js for for

I’ve just started playing around with, and I’m enjoying my time playing around with all they have to offer.

I wanted to build a quick and easy way into iOS and macOS to use parts of I created three shortcuts with the Apple’s Shortcuts for PURLs (short urls), Paste (like GitHub Gist), and Statuslog (a log of “what are you doing now”).

All are available to use directly or from the share sheet in iOS or from Quick Actions in macOS.

  • Create PURL
    • Requirements: account name, purl domain, and API key
    • Accepts: URLs and text
    • Returns: a purl url
  • Create Paste
    • Requirements: account name, paste domain, and API key
    • Accepts: Text-based files and raw text
    • Returns: a paste url
  • Post Statuslog
    • Requirements: account name and API key
    • Accepts: text
    • Returns: a status url

I hope you find these useful. Feel free to contact me on Mastodon with any feedback you may have.

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