The DankPods Headphone Starter Guide.

DankPods put together a great guide to headphones. I use quiet a bit of the things he recommends, which you can see on my uses page.

Looking At Guns In Virtual Reality

I think about this video from Polygon a lot. I can’t say I will be able to do justice the gun epidemic in the United States here. Guns are horrifying. I’ve played in VR. Games with guns and people attacking me in VR make me too uncomfortable to ever want to do again. I remember trying Robo Recall for the first time, and I was panicking. When I was 19 I had a gun shot at my father and I. I am very much against guns of all kind. Even in VR. It’s one of the main reasons I don’t like VR.

Adam Ruins Everything - Why People Think Video Games Are Just for Boys

Adam Conover explains the history on Nintendo’s push to push women out of gaming. This is from the episode Adam Ruins Summer Fun of Adam Ruins Everything.

Rage Against The M FEAT.Hatsune Miku

“Don’t touch my phone / No touch my heart” A fun Miku music video from BIGHEAD, apapico, caseif, and Incept

Pocari Sweat and Hatsune Miku want you to stay hydrated 「Nechusho No!No! feat. 初音ミク&MEIKO」

Reporting from live from News39, it’s Hatsune Miku, Meiko, and other virtual youtubers reminding you to stay hydrated on behalf of a Japanese bottled water company. Music by producer Mitchie M.

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